Smith & Sinclair Individually Wrapped Rum Cocktail Pastilles (8) 112g


Mixed just like a drink, our Rum Edible Cocktails are made with a dark rum (40% ABV), natural syrups, bitters and selected spices to enhance the rich molasses flavour of the rum. Each Cocktail holds a kick at 6.4% ABV per pastille.

We recommend two bites.

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Smith & Sinclair create tantalising and provocative edible experiences for adults who crave more.

With a unique consistency the pastilles are to be chewed, allowing the flavour to mellow on your tastebuds.

Our Rum Selection includes:

  • Berry Daiquiri
    A dark rum and mixed summer berry pastille coated with a pink & black peppercorn infused sugar.
  • Spiced Rum
    A spiced, dark rum pastille, coated with a clove infused sugar.

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