PACK’D Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen)


Functional frozen Smoothie Kits, designed with nutritionists to give you a targeted health hit – Energy, Defence or Detox

Frozen Smoothie Kits Energy

Best New Health & Wellness Product 2016 World Food Innovation Awards.

Supported by The Prince’s Trust

Enjoy as part of a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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PACK'D Range Kits -
Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen)

PACK’D Frozen Smoothie Kits will help you feel and perform at your best, day in, day out. This Detox smoothie kit blends vibrant greens with a hint of zesty lemon and a dash of fiery ginger for an extra little kick! All ingredients are 100% natural, and have been expertly combined to help reduce oxidative stress in the cells, without loading you with sugar or taking up all of your precious free time. With a preparation time of under one minute, you can slot this clean, lean beauty in as a morning cleanse after a heavy night, or as healthy pick-me-up during the dreaded 4pm slump..

This kit can be blended with any liquid of your choice. At the PACK’D HQ, they go for pressed apple juice for added zing in the mornings, and coconut water or almond milk for a nuttier, creamier finish pre-workout. But it’s totally personal, and thats why we love it! So if you have any great recommendations, please do let us know in the reviews section below – the weirder and more wonderful the better!

Enjoy! And remember, when it comes to nutrition, always think outside the bottle….

Packaging is resealable and reusable 

Bullet Point - Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen) Makes 2 x PACK’D smoothies
Bullet Point - Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen) 100% natural, no purées, additives, preservatives or concentrates
Bullet Point - Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen) Non-GMO
Bullet Point - Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen) Suitable for vegans
Bullet Point - Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen) 1 1/2 of your 5 a day
Bullet Point - Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen) 2 x Fruit & Vegetable Pouches: chopped pineapple, apple, kale, ginger,                   spinach leaves and lemon zest
Bullet Point - Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen) 2 x Superfood Sachets: spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and barleygrass                  powder
Bullet Point - Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen) High fibre
Bullet Point - Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen) High in Vitamin C, which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
Bullet Point - Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen) A source of Manganese, which supports normal energy-yielding metabolism
Bullet Point - Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen) A source of Vitamin K, which helps to maintain normal bones

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The world’s first frozen smoothie packs with 100% natural, whole ingredients and superfoods to provide a targeted health hit – Detox, Energy, Defence.

Each pack contains two pouches of fruit & veg plus two sachets of superfoods – one per smoothie.

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We recommend blending with coconut water, apple juice or water but the choice is yours.
1: Add approximately 200ml of liquid to your blender
2: Add ingredients from one Fruit & Vegetable Pouch and one Superfood Sachet
3: Blend to desired consistency

Top Tips
– Add liquid to blender before frozen ingredients
– If smoothie is too thick to blend simply add more liquid, shake jug and re-blend

Use one pouch and one sachet per portion.

PACK'd Process - Detox Smoothie Kits, 2x140g (Frozen)

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  • Keep frozen -18°C.



  • Free From Additives
    Free From Genetically Modified Ingredients
    Free From Preservatives

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