Love Corn BBQ Premium Roasted Corn 45g


Smothered in smokin’ hickory, it’s all done nice and slow… you just don’t rush into something this good.

It’s a high fibre, low sugar, gluten free, Premium Roasted Corn snack. Love Corn are on a mission to make roasted corn your favourite snack (and have fun doing it!).

A big hit of colour to start your week! From the corn fields to your tongue. High fibre, Sugar free, Low in Calories, Antioxidants like Flavonoids,Good carbs for sustained energy,Naturally free of all common allergens.

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Love Corn Stamp


Hello, Howdy, Hola!

Nice to meet you.  We are LOVE CORN the first Premium Roasted Corn brand.

Our mission is to make our customers smile and make roasted corn your favourite snack, one kernel at a time.

We tick all the boxes- we’re high fibre, vegan, gluten & sugar free!

  • We believe:
  • in simple and clean ingredients
  • delicious food can change eating habits
  • through business you can do good

Love, Corn

p.s. we’re crunchy, we’re delicious!

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