Habanero Lime Jelly – 175g


No added water means a powerful punch of flavour! A sweetened balance of tongue tingling heat and a citrus tang. 

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There is NOTHING quite a good as true, authentic flavour and after a lifetime of secretly packing food into her checked baggage when travelling from her mother’s in Texas and her father’s in the UK (totes illegal), Lizzy Hodcroft was ready to take the saying, “if you want something done right, do it yourself” to heart.

Lizzy is a trained chef so flavour profiles were nothing new but capturing the essence of the deep, bold, smokey flavours that she lovingly grew up with in Texas to appeal to the British palate meant validating the idea through small markets and a lot of engagement from consumers. Pairing our products with recipes and food from our Street Food Stall ignited interest from retailers early on.

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