Glut0 Fusilli 250 g


Glut0 Fusilli !

Fresh Pasta made of naturally gluten-free ingredients.

Sharing food with family and friends creates bonds like no other. GlutØ fresh pasta is made for such occasions: GlutØ is the delicious fresh pasta brand that fits everyone and every diet.

 Our pasta is made using nothing but naturally gluten-free ingredients: corn flour, rice flour and water –no additives, colorants, milk products nor eggs are added.

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GLUTØ -fresh pasta is produced by Glutzero Finland Ltd., a ground-breaking Finnish company based on Italian know-how and expertise.

This dual identity results in pasta that represents the best of both worlds. Finland – the country with uncompromising food safety standards – guarantees fresh and clean products. Finland is also one of the leading countries for high quality water  – a crucial detail in pasta making.

But since standards alone don’t make good pasta, we learn on generations of Italian pasta traditions to serve our clients with delicious flavors and authentic recipes.

 As a result, GlutØ -fresh pasta is now available in stores worldwide. With a twinkle in their eye, the owners Marco and Maurizio have surprised many fellow countrymen by serving them their pasta at blind tastings. The two friends love to tell the story about their friends never noticing the difference.

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