Banana Joe Sriracha with pickled garlic 50g


Starts off with a hint of tangy sweetness followed by a pickled garlic aroma and ends with a deep bright chili finish.

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An amazing healthy gourmet snack, handmade in Thailand from fresh bananas. Developed over 3 years and now in 5 great flavours they offer a great addition to the growing European snack market.

“We ensure correct ripeness for added crunch, and cook the bananas gently to allow the flavours to remain intact. We learned to pick the finest bananas. Our “hom thong” bananas, otherwise known as the golden fragrant bananas. Although “hom thong” bananas are more difficult to source, we chose them because they taste better than any other variety of bananas. You can see the difference by the unique golden colour and taste the difference by the fragrance of Banana Joe chips.” The Coconut Kitchen

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