Assorted Flavours – Liquid Coffee Pods (400x310g)


One heavenly sampler box of all major Caffè di Artisan flavours, what’s not to love? So pick your favourite and kick your feet up to a cup of Caffè di Artisan.

Use them to make fantastic Espressos, Americanos, Latté/Cappuccinos, and Frappés.

Flavours; Raro, Asmara, Vilasita, Nilgiris Organique, Malabar & Decaffe

100% recyclable, machine free liquid coffee pods. 

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Our Story

 You are concerned about your health and the environment.

 Then, why drink outdated, unhealthy, polluting, industrial coffee?

Us, Coffee Activists at Caffè di Artisan, asked a heretical question: Can passing boiling hot water at high pressure through delicate coffee grounds (like in K-Cup, Espresso systems) – this violence, savagery, to something so vulnerable – result in great coffee? 

 Or does this industrial process end up burning, scalding the grounds, resulting in burnt, bitter coffee?

 Can you crush grapes in a machine and get wine?

 The answers are kind of obvious, aren’t they?

 Apart from making bad coffee, coffee machines have other, pretty severe problems

 Coffee machines breed germs, bacteria, roaches PLUS the rancid oils from the coated internal pipes, dissolving into the coffee, play havoc with your digestion. 

 Coffee machines used by multiple users in hotels and offices have further problems of disease transmission plus breakdowns due to misuse. 

 Studies in Universities of Chicago and Valencia (Spain) have shown that coffee machines attract tons of bacteria. They have been called “the germiest place in the kitchen”.

Moreover, chemicals leaching out from hard plastics or aluminum, as hot water passes through the machine capsules, pose further health hazards.

 The Caffè di Artisan way

 The best single origin coffee beans from around the world. Precise grinding and roasting.

 Followed by days of extraction in our proprietary Artisanal Micro-Filtery yields Gorgeous Coffee. Without Machines.

 Cold-filled so that nothing leaches into your coffee.

  Packaged In ultra- convenient, 100% Recyclable Liquid Single Serve Coffee capsules.

 Enjoy better-than-gourmet level coffee, at home, on a drive, in office. In QSRs, Hotels. Effortlessly. Machine-Free.

 For businesses, there is no investment. No contracts. No baristas required. Coffee that is absolutely consistent across branches…and drives customer delight.

 Great for Gut Health: Our Luxury coffee, made from Alkaline, micro-clustered water, is excellent for your gut health. It’s loaded with vitamins, gives all-day energy.

 The Most Eco-Friendly Coffee on The Planet

 100% Recyclable Coffee Pods: We care deeply about the Environment and Planet Earth. All packaging, including the pods, are 100% Recyclable, BPA-free, widely recycled. 

 Outer packaging is unlaminated paper box for easy recycling. 

 The Coffee pods are Preservative-free. Certified Kosher/ non-GMO, Gluten-free, Keto & Paleo-friendly. Range includes Organic, Fair Trade.

 Caffè di Artisan: Bringing back romance to coffee

Caffè di Artisan has re-imagined Coffee. You can now make the world’s finest Lattés/ Espressos/ Cappuccinos/ Americanos/ Frappés yourself, without a machine!

Coffee routinely described by connoisseurs as “Gorgeous”, “Smooth, zesty, but not bitter or burnt like machine produced coffee”, “Terrific mouth feel”.

Our guarantee: Try Caffè di Artisan and you won’t go back to your old coffee.

Our coffee is Extremely Easy to use: Ready in a jiffy – without any expensive equipment or clunky machines!

  • Add 30 ml of hot water for a Superb Espresso
  • Add 150 ml/ 5 oz of hot water for a Great Americano/ Black Coffee
  • Add 150 ml/ 5 oz of hot, frothed milk (using the frother you get with your first order) for a Luscious Latté or Cappuccino.
  • Add 150 ml/ 5 oz of cold, foamed milk for a Delicious Frappé/ Cold Coffee.

 (Adjust to taste by using 2 pods or more for stronger/larger coffee)

 What Caffè di Artisan is Not

Caffè di Artisan is NOT Instant Coffee. It is magically effortless for you but we work long and hard over every single coffee pod/capsule.

 It is a labour of love. We do all the hard work so that you don’t have to.

 It is not Cold Brew either. It’s a completely different approach and tech in coffee

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