Anchovies in High Oleic Sunflower Oil – Dingley Horeca 95g (20×10 fillets)


Anchovies exclusively from the Cantabrian Sea (Engraulis encrasicolus), in high oleic sunflower oil. With the highest quality, an intense aroma, uniform color, and extraordinary texture and taste. Our anchovies are low in salt. This is a horeca reference.

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El Capricho is a family business located in Santonya; a, beautiful Cantabrian village birthplace of canned anchovy. After more than twenty years of history, our commitment to offer the market a healthy and nutritious product choice has made us one of the largest canning companies of Cantabria.

We exclusively produce the highest quality canned anchovies and White tuna, fished directly from the Cantabrian coast. Our anchovies, caught during the spring fishing season, and our White tuna, caught in the summer season, are the best of their species.

El Capricho products form the basis of the Mediterranean diet which, in addition to being delicious, are beneficial for health as they are an excellent source of antioxidant compounds, rich in linoleic acid Omega 3 and omega-6, protein, or other essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

The traditional character of the process, as a result of the tradition, at the hands of skilled workers in the food industry, along with the excellent quality of raw materials, manage a select and outstanding product. Flavour, color and texture perfect.

They are ideal for both individual taste, and for use on toasts and salads.

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